Friday, June 28, 2002

HP Report: Progressive Open Source

From the abstract: "Certain aspects of the Open Source development method, e.g., community building, open discussions for requirements and features, and evolvable and modular designs are having fundamental and far reaching consequences on general software engineering practices. To leverage such Open Source methods and tools, we have defined an innovative software engineering paradigm for large corporations: Progressive Open Source (POS). POS leverages the power of Open Source methods and tools for large corporations in a progressive manner: starting from completely within the corporation, to include partner businesses, and eventually complete Open Source. "

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Creating PDF Documents

I've been looking for a way to create PDF documents without paying the $250 for Adobe Acrobat. Printing to PDF is especially interesting when using OpenOffice and sending you documents to others who might not yet have OpenOffice installed.

I've tried 602 Print Pack, but was disappointed. The quality of the printed document is not as good as the original, and http links to do not work if you view the created document on the screen.

Win2PDF looks much better. Printing quality looks like the original, and links do work. It's $35. If you are running Terminal Services, e.g. for remote admin purposes, the evaluation copy will tell you that you need the "Terminal Services Edition" which is $350. I'm waiting for feedback on this from the vendor of this product.

Monday, June 10, 2002

Open Source in der Bundesverwaltung

The official website of the coordination office for using Open Source Software in German Federal Government Institutions.

Interesting (German) website about using Linux in the German parliament and elsewhere in public institutions.
Replacing Exchange Servers with Linux

A client-side Outlook Extension from Bynari allows full Outlook functionality with a standard IMAP server (e.g. running on Linux) as a backend. A 100 user license of the "Insight Connector" is selling at $2500.