Saturday, September 06, 2008

Google Chrome

I like Google Chrome. It's very fast, faster than FF3. Many innovative, convenient features.

However, it will not yet become my default browser because it does not support single-sign-on, i.e. it does not support using your operating system authentication credentials for logging on to websites, typicall corporate intranet websites. Having to re-type my password each time I access a corporate intranet website is not acceptable.

Just one example for a great Chrome feature: open a web page, and press Ctrl+F and type a search keyword. The window scrollbar on the right will now highligh the areas in the whole document where the search term can be found.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Barack Obama's Speech in Denver

I think this is a historical speech, no matter who will win the election on Nov 4th.

I was actually a bit irritated by the amount of coverage the upcoming US election got in German news during the past months, but I think now I understand why. Watch this speech and you will too.

Part One
Part Two